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Stewart & Associates is a group of experienced attorneys with a practice model that ensures your case gets the attention needed for a successful defense. Our level of experience has allowed us to build relationships with opposing counsel and create a strong reputation in the legal community. By using our practice model, we are able to devote time to your appeal to get a full understanding of all the facts and issues, to research the relevant and most applicable case law to help you succeed in your appeal.

Filing an appeal is often the last or final step in your case to avoid jail time or heavy penalties. Most often appeal comes after trial,  plea, or sentencing by making a pleading with the appellate court to overturn a judgment or requesting a retrial or resentence due to some legal error that happened at the trial level. Appeals are heard by the courts of appeals which are different than the trial courts.

Because there a different types of courts, it is important for you to have some understanding of the different courts and what they do. For felony level crimes, your case will take place in the one of the Supreme Courts. Which supreme court your case is assigned to will determine where the alleged crime took place. All of the pretrial and trial matters will take place at this court.

When it is determined that an appeal should be filed, the appeal is filed in the Supreme Court Appellate Division. The location for this court is the same as where the supreme court was located.

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