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Family Law

Divorce Litigation

In most cases, a divorce settlement can be achieved without the intervention of the court, by some form of negotiation, mediation or collaborative means. When spouses are unable to come to an agreement, their case is then presented to the court.

The Supreme Court has the power to decide issues of divorce, property division, maintenance, support and custody.

Conventional courtroom resolution of marital issues

Traditional dispute resolution is the option that most people know about. Each person hires a lawyer to handle the divorce. Whether a person is negotiating a settlement or presenting a case to the court, he or she needs a knowledgeable and experienced divorce lawyer to get the benefit of all the law has to offer. The attorney represents one spouse in the traditional attorney-client relationship that may involve litigation or result in a negotiated settlement. Litigation in court is costly from the financial and emotional perspective. However, certain family matters can only be resolved through litigation.

An experienced matrimonial trial attorney

In order to litigate or negotiate a successful resolution to your family law issue, you will need an attorney on your side who offers a wealth of practice and acumen in matrimonial litigation. Stewart & Associates have extensive knowledge of issues pertaining to business valuation, pension and retirement benefits, income and tax consequences, valuation of a spouse's enhanced earning ability from advanced degrees and licenses, spousal support and child support and custody litigation.

Stewart & Associates will help to guide you through the maze of the laws and disclosure devices which may affect the client's financial rights, obligations and the distribution of marital assets.

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